Take Better Care of Your Flute or Piccolo

I've been playing flute almost my whole life, and performing and teaching professionally for more than 20 years. And I love the life! I know the joy of sending a talented student you've worked with for years to college to study beyond your teaching. Or that look of wide eyed wonder when a beginner gets that first perfect sound from their flute. I know that amazing feeling after you give a really kick ass performance. I know how awesome it is to get to make music for a living.

You know what else I know? I know what it feels like to play so long that your keys start to leak and you're desperate for a long enough break to swab your flute. Or that apprehensive feeling you get after you put your picc back together and have to come in on a high note in tune. I know that smell of a student instrument that hasn't been swabbed in a week (or longer) and that gunk it gets - gross. I know that terrifying enthusiasm of little hands ramming a plastic cleaning rod as hard as they can through their flute, and that terrible sound of a cork popping out (only once, but that was enough! - "Is it supposed to do that?" No. No it's not.). But anyway....

My flute is my livelihood, so I've always been a little obsessed about taking great care of it. I thought there had to be something on the market that was soft and gentle, would swab the entire assembled length quickly, and wouldn't scratch the inside or allow my little ones to ever pop out a cork again!

But that didn't exist. I mean, there were some options, but nothing that really got the job done as well as I thought it could be. And from talking to flute friends, I knew this was something they struggled with too.

So I decided to try to create something. Some prototypes were a dead end. Some were close, but didn't work the way I wanted or were too hard to use. I researched. I tried again and again and again, until I finally got it right. Over the course of a couple of years, I refined the design to what you see in my shop today. I filed for a US patent to protect all the work I'd put into it. I was granted a utility patent for the design in late 2015, so you can only get them here or through an authorized distributor.

I use the Flute Hoot Floozi every day. My students use them. Friends and colleagues use them. The group of pros and enthusiasts that have added the floozi to their flute tool kit is growing.

It works. And it's easy to use. Try one!

To learn more visit http://www.flutehoot.net/welcome-etsy-friends/.

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