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Welcome to Flute Hoot, home of the Flute Hoot Floozi swab for flutes and piccolos. Use code FLUTEVIEWSENTME at check out to get free shipping on your first order.

Note: Flute Hoot will be closed from August 14 - August 18. Orders placed during that time will ship on August 19. 

The Flute Hoot Floozi is a new device to swab moisture from your flute or piccolo. It’s revolutionary design hits all the important points for flute care:

  • Gentle – No hard surfaces ever touch your flute.
  • Convenient – Swab the entire length of your assembled flute in seconds. Flexible design stores easily. Washable.
  • Easy to use – Just extend to full length. Insert into the open end of your flute or piccolo. Slide in and back out. Easy!

Use it during a performance for a quick swab between passages without having to retune or during long rehearsals to keep your keys from getting sticky. Use it to encourage students to keep their instruments clean.

The Flute Hoot Floozi is only available from Flute Hoot or authorized retailers.  Get yours today and see how much easier it can be to take better care of your flute.