What makes the Flute Hoot Floozi swab different? It solves two problems all flutists encounter in their playing, from beginners to pros. 

The 1st Challenge

Ever been in a concert or performance, perfectly tuned, and you need to swab out your flute before the next passage but you don’t have time to take it apart, clean it and put it back together before your next entrance? I’ve certainly been there and I bet if you play flute with any regularity, you’ve been there too.

The 2nd Challenge

In addition to performing, I teach. I was a Suzuki teacher for a number of years so I saw a lot of little players who were a joy to teach, but had to be taught to be gentle with their instruments. I once had a little one ram their cleaning rod so enthusiastically through the head joint they popped the cork out. With my own instrument, I was concerned that my cleaning rod might scratch the inside of my flute.

I searched for something that would solve either or both problems, but I came away from the search thinking there had to be a better way. So I set about designing it myself.

The Solution

Based on my own experience as a teacher and performer, I identified the following criteria for a flute cleaner:

  • Must extend and swab the full length of the assembled instrument
  • Must be fully encased in soft, absorbent material so nothing hard or scratchy comes in contact with the instrument
  • Must not be rigid enough to cause damage to the cork
  • Must be easy to use
  • Must be washable

After working through several prototypes, I came up with the design of the Flute Hoot Floozi cleaner. It’s flexible and extends the full length of the flute (or piccolo). It wicks away moisture quickly and easily while reducing force and friction to the inside of the instrument. As a performer, I keep one wrapped around my flute stand at the ready when I have a few bars of rest. As a teacher, it’s helped encourage my students to keep their instruments clean (and I haven’t had any more popped corks!).

The Flute Hoot Flute cleaner is patented and only available from Flute Hoot or authorized dealers.