Red Microsuede Flute Cleaner

Red Microsuede Flute Cleaner

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The Floozi Flute Cleaner is a patented cleaning device for your C flute.

Ever been in a performance or rehearsal, and you can feel your keys getting sticky, but you don't time to take apart your flute and swab it out and get back together an in tune before your next entrance. You know that smell that comes out of your students' case when they haven't been swabbing their instrument after practice, or have a younger student get too enthusiastic with the stiff rod and damage their flute? I've been a performer and teacher of flute for more than 20 years, and I've seen a lot of crazy things happen with flutes and piccolos. I wanted a device I could use in rehearsals and performances to wick away moisture without taking my flute apart and that had no hard metals or plastics touching the inside of my instrument. I also wanted to reduce the ability of my younger students damaging their flutes with the rod, and also encourage them to do a better job of taking care of their instrument. That's why I created the Flute Hoot Floozi cleaner.

It is approx. 30 inches long (including handle) and is covered in soft absorbent material. Nothing abrasive or hard ever comes in contact with the inside of your instrument. The flexible Floozi is inserted in the foot joint end of your flute and will swab the entire length without disassembling the instrument. It is made of soft flannel or micro suede with a decorative pendant handle. Available only from Flute Hoot!

New for 2018 - All Floozi Flute Cleaners come with a breathable muslin storage bag to help keep your floozi clean and dry.